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Watercolor Brush 19

The Devil's share in the world's creation was a certain southern swampland-

a masterpiece of horror. And the Lord, appreciating a

good job, let it stand.

- Sparrows


You see a male human.

Despite abundant indication of poor, marshland-trash heritage, some coincidence of genetics has resulted in a prevailing physical grace, nonetheless. The contrast this young man strikes, therefore, is peculiar; while haphazardly unkempt, his hair is golden. Fine, angular features exist despite a slightly pallid complexion and dirt-stained fingertips. He's handsomely tall, too, although the muscle that defines his physique is wiry and lean, not unlike that of a stray cur.


He has a mop of windswept blond hair. Styled in no particular fashion, it brushes his collar.

His eyes are mossy green. Bored vacancy tends to cast his gaze far off, although those who manage to capture his piercing attention might sense a mercurial mean streak.

He has streaks and splotches of black ink flooding the column of his neck like a splash of muddy water.

He has an alligator's spiked scales tattooed on the inside of his forearm. 

Southern Gothic + High Fantasy

While pursuing my (Ezrin's player) mostly useless degree in English, a course in Southern Gothic and Appalachian literature majorly inspired me. I was captivated by the blending of seemingly opposite genres; of magic and derelict settings forced together, and of harsh language peppered with Elizabethan dialect, preserved by sheer cultural isolation. Ezrin is meant to capture these contrasts. He's beautiful and yet deeply flawed, cosmically gifted but entirely bigoted, all the same. Even if he doesn't successfully invoke the likes of Faulkner's characters, I hope he's fun to play around.  

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