And rise with me forever,

Across the silent sand,

And the stars will be your eyes,


And the wind will be my hand.

- The Handsome Family
- Sparrows
An anti-social sort,
     Ezrin doesn't keep all too many friends. Still, there are always a select few.
Eixie - Rogue

Red. A woman of high honors and achievement, entirely of her own making. Made an honest man out of me.

Oakie - Shaman

Involved. Eager, cheerful...And I mean that in a good way.


Ednia - Shaman

Uglier than sin, but a model Shaman, all the same. Her contributions to mysticism are exceptional.


Arco - Shaman

Who put him here? I hate him. Fleabag. 

The Dahkoar Faith


 Not that ya'll had nothin' to prove to nobody but The Lord Himself, but you've come far. Thank you for healing my sorry ass (Vraina) and allowing me to stand beside you.