Identification Number: 24601                      Name (Last/first): Beau, Ezrin

Date of birth: June 19th, 1497 (bastard)       Height: 6'1

Identifying Marks: Linear scarring (forehead)  


Charge(s): Two counts of aggravated assault, 

Public intoxication



It is both with a term of good conduct, and the full resignation of his properties, titles and rights that the jurisdiction of the Southland Marsh has granted mister Beau a term of conscription, by which he may avoid fulfilling the maximum sentence for his crimes. It is the intent of the court that Beau serve the allied citystate of Darmahk, for as long as their leadership may deem fit. If the individual should warrant death, by the determination of Darmahkian officials by which the Marshland enlists its good faith in entirety, then let him die with no consequence. Henceforth, it is with the completion of service, and only with the completion of service that the individual may be pardoned of his crimes, that he may resume a freedman's role in society.


{{ The missive has been stamped with a foreign seal. Depicted in blue ink, a heron soars over a silhouetted everglade, leaning in the crook of a crescent moon.}}


 A note from Zedidiah Bethel, penitentiary warden: 


"Revered Conscript Sergeant, 


There is simply no room in our humble prison and as you may be aware, our economic strife has produced brigands and thieves that clog our community. Though he may be of brittle mind, this inmate's disposition has been docile, despite his transgressions heretofore... He is easily subdued. He has claimed no living relation of family or creed who's intervention may be anticipated in his sentence. He shall be a helpful stock in the developing area of Darmahk, of this I am sure. On behalf of the Marshlands, in her staggered state, I thank you for relieving us of our lesser criminals and for putting them to worthy use." 


           ZV, 1520